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balloon production line
We Are Balloon
Production Line Manufacturer
A balloon is a natural/rubber latex product, widely used in different occasions, such as birthday party, wedding ceremony. With the popularity of the balloons, YG balloon production line is in high demand. YG can provide you with high quality balloon production lines.
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Product Parameters
Model Machine size
Natural gas
Usage of latex
YGQ-30 30*1.4*4.5m 0.4 45 18 450 0.61
YGQ--60 60*1.4*4.5m 1 65 25 700 0.7
YGQ-80 80*1.4*4.5m 2 75 40 1400 2.5
YGQ-100 100*1.4*4.5m 2.5 90 50 1600 3.4
Note: The length of the production line is 30m, 60m,80m,100m. YG balloon production line can also be designed and installed according to the customer needs.
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Product Display
Compact Structure, Simple Operation, Stable, Low Power Consumption.
Product Details
Accurate Temperature Control
Adopts the principle of hot air circulation and an intelligent PID temperature control system to reduce the cost and save energy.
Original Oven
Uses chemical fiber asbestos insulation material to obtain good heat preservation, and to improve the thermal efficiency.
High Efficiency
Different types and special shapes of balloons can be produced together, and 8 kinds of color balloons can be produced at the same time.
User-friendly Design
Humanely designed according to curing process of natural latex, with reasonable process and automatic balance glue filling system.
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Packing & Shipping
Company Profile
Yugong Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005. YG focuses on producing, researching and selling large-scale production line of latex equipment, such as latex gloves production line, nitrile gloves production line, etc. YG have obtained a series of quality system certification, such as ISO9001, AAA Qualification, etc. YG also has several patents. Our company is based on trust and quality first, our first principle is to meet customer requirements and demands. We warmly and sincerely welcome old and new customers to cooperate.
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founded in 2005


exported to 100+countries


1,000+ construction cases


500+ employees

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How much does the product cost?
We quote the price according to the customer demand. Different specifications of the production line price are different.
How long dose it take to make the machine?
3 months.
How about the quality?
We have one year quality guarantee, and our customers have used our machines for a long time.
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