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Product Information

Paper tray raw materials: waste paper, cartons, cardboard, as well as leftover materials of paper factory, carton factory and printing factory.

YG-F1000 Egg Tray Machine

Capacity: 1000pcs/h
Electric power: 34kw
Drying method: suggest airing
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YG2000-4000 Egg Tray Machine

Operating speed: 10 times/min
Capacity: 2000-4000pcs/h
Electric power: 54-70kw
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YG5000-7000 Egg Tray Machine

Operating speed: 12 times/min
Capacity: 5000-7000pcs/h
Electric power: 129-165kw
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The egg tray machine is a typical kind of pulp molding machine.
Different trays can be produced by changing different molds.
Welcome to choose our pulp molding machine to increase your cost effectiveness.

Product Application

One machine is multi-purpose, which can allow you to produce pulp molding trays such as fruit trays, coffee cup trays, and bottle trays without worry.

How Molded Egg Tray Is Made

Paper egg tray production line is composed of pulping system,
forming system, drying system.
Pulping system
Forming system
Drying system
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The Production Process Flow

Full set of paper molding process, fast investment return, cost-effective.

Why Choose Us

Use quality to build reputation, our machines’ multiple advantages deserve your favor!

Factory Scene

Use quality to build reputation, our machines’ multiple advantages deserve your favor!
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Company Profile

Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. YG sells all kinds of pulp molding machines, including egg tray or carton molding machine, fruit tray molding machine, bottle tray molding machine, coffee tray molding machine, vegetable carton molding machine, seedling tray molding machine and shoes filler molding machine, etc. Our products have been exported to 100+ different countries and areas and received their high satisfaction.

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