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  • Bridge surface shot blaster
  • Road surface shot blaster
  • Concrete surface shot blaster
  • Steel derusting shot blaster
  • Floor shot blasting machine
  • Vehicle shot blasting machine

High Quality, More Professional

  • High efficiency & Labor saving
  • Low cleaning cost
  • Adjustable roughness

High efficiency & Labor saving

The roughened ground is clean and tidy, with uniform roughness.
  • Concrete surface shot blasting effect display
  • Steel plate rust removal effect display

Low cleaning cost

The steel shot is recycled, the loss is small, the wearing parts are easy to be replaced.
  • Square steel shot
  • Round steel shot

Adjustable roughness

The deepest depth can reach 3-4 mm to meet different cleaning requirements.
  • Deep shot blasting effect display
  • Shallow shot blasting effect display

30,000+ Global Cases

Why Choose YG Machinery?

8 years of R&D experience and production of shot blasting equipment, complete models and diverse varieties.
Perfect after-sales service, 60 after-sales engineers, answer customer questions within 30 minutes.
1000m² large warehouse, 100 units in stock, can be shipped at any time.
All kinds of shot blasting machine spare parts are complete and available at cost price.

Sales Network

Our products are sold all over the world and have won unanimous praise from users all over the world
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Sandblasting room

Automatic sandblasting machine

Sandblasting machine

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