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paper making machine
Paper Machine Manufacturer
Paper play an important role in daily life, widely used in different occasions, such as office and study. With the popularity of the paper, YG paper making machine is in high demand. YG can provide you with automatic paper making machine.
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Types Of Paper Making Machine
YG Focuses On The Field Of Paper Making Machine
Corrageted /Fluting Paper Machine
Cresent-forming Tissue Paper Machine
Office Paper Making Machine
Newspaper Making Machine
High Strength Corrgated Paper Machine
Kraft Paper Making Machine
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Hot Selling Models
Best Selling Paper Making Machines In The World
Tissue Paper Machine
(Crescent, Fourdrinier, Mould Formation)
Trimmed width:1880-3600(mm)
Grammage rang:15-45(gsm)
Design speed:180-1200(m/min)
Working speed:150-1000(n/min)
Production capacity:5-600(tpd)
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Writing And Printing Paper Machine
(Office Paper &Newspaper)
Trimmed width:1880-3600(mm)
Grammage rang:13-45(gsm)
Design speed:180-1200(m/min)
Working speed:150-1000(n/min)
Production capacity:50,100,150tdp
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Whether it is a paper making production line or related parts, at YG, you can always find the most suitable one.
Important Parts
Tissue Paper Machine
Roll surface length:1080/1270/1480(mm)
Effective length:1060/1250/1460(mm)
Fan power:15/15/18.5/18.5/22(kw)
Motor power:3/4/5.5/7.5(kw)
Electrical source:380/50(v/hz)
Adopts intelligent PLC system control, high technology brings more convenient operation, for example, longitudinal slitting system, which can flexibly slit different sizes.
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Large Rotary Cutting Machine
Rated speed:150(min)
Design speed:170(min)
Tatal power:9(kw)
Has a powerful operating system, using omron programming controller, shike sensor, touch screen, panasonic motor control.
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Packaging Machine
Packing speed:20-60(bages/min)
Total power:5.16(kw)
Electrical source:380/50(v/hz)
It is suitable for the outer packaging of more regular square materials, such as extractable facial tissue paper, napkin paper, ordinary square tissue paper, etc.
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YG provides high-quality machines to meet customer need.
Why Choose Us
Intelligent Control System
The intelligent PLC system is used to program the finished paper to properly solve the loosening caused by long-term storage of the finished product.
Original Design
Pneumatic belt feeding, equipped with independent tension control system, to ensure the operation of double drum and base paper.
High Efficiency
Multiple processes (automatic modification, glue spraying, sealing, axialization) are completed at the same time, reducing the loss of paper in band saws and packaging, and greatly improving production efficiency.
Full-automatic Rewinding Machine
Can choose double-sided embossing, gluing compound, which can make paper more soft than single-sided embossing, the effect of double-sided finished products is consistent, and each layer of paper does not spread when used, especially suitable for processing.
Customers Around The World
YG has 8 years of manufacturing experience in paper production lines, and YG’s products are sold to 100+countries around the world, including USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Chile, Peru, Israel, Yeman, etc. Due to the high quality of YG paper production line, customers have responded well and gained their trust.
Company Profile
YG Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrated large-scale manufacturing company. YG is a professional manufacturer engaged in research, production and development in the field of paper making machine.
YG has a factory building of 30,000 m³, and the infrastructure to ensure product quality.All the paper making machines go through strict quality inspection before leaving The factory. As a manufacturer and supplier, YG can provide you with cost-effective machines.
YG obtains 100+professional and technical personnel at the aim to always provide the professional services. We sincerely expect to cooperate with various circles, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.
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Want To Know More
How do I choose the suitable model of machine?
YG will provide the machine suitable for you according to your actual situation.
Can you make a plan of paper processing project for Us?
Yes, we have more than 100+ engineers and an experienced professional technical team. Free project design exclusively for each client.
What is the price of your machine, is there any discount?
YG is not only a supplier, but also a manufactur. We are factory direct sales, we can provide the lowest price. Contact us now to get the latest quotation.
Product Series
  • Corrageted /Fluting Paper Machine
  • Tissue /Cresent-forming Tissue Paper Machine
  • Office Paper Machine
  • Newspaper Making Machine
  • High Strength Corrgated Paper Machine
  • Kraft Paper Machine
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