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Hydroseeding machine

Professional manufacturer in China.

Introduction of
Hydroseeding Machine

The hydroseeding machine mixes grass seeds, water retention agent, fertilizer and water in a container and then sprays it onto sloping soil or rocks using a high-pressure hose to achieve the goal of greening hillsides, roads, golf course lawns, etc. Hydroseeding machines are available in both mechanical and hydraulic versions, so you can choose according to your project, or contact us to help you.

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service.

High work efficiency and competitive price.


To some extent, hydroseeding machine have solved the problem of the high cost of dry sprayers and the low efficiency of ground pump wet sprayers. As a result, hydroseeding machine have gradually taken the place of dry sprayers and concrete pumps as an effective means of vegetation construction for highway slope greening,golf course grass planting, large-scale lawn planting, desert control, river embankment protection.

Advantage of Hydroseeder

Factory direct supply, preferential price
  • Long Range

    Spray height 50 meters, conveying distance more than 300 meters.

  • Powerful

    High power conversion performance, improved High seeding efficiency.

  • Multi-directional spraying

    360° rotating universal nozzle, Easy to change the working surface.

  • Various Functions

    Soil screening, mixing and spraying integrated, 2 workers can operate.

Greening Expert

Cost-effective Hydroseeders, Factory Supplied.
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Success Cases

As a professional supplier of hydroseeding machine, YG Machinery has exported its products to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, including New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan and Australia. Our hydroseeders are supported by professional engineers. Custom designs can also be made to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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  • Applications
  • Geological Exploration
  • Well Drilling
  • Blasting Holes
  • Mine Exploration
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  • Provide installation, commissioning and training services.
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