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industrial flake ice machine

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    Small Flake Ice Machine

    Daily production: 1000-3000KG/24H
    Ice storage capacity: 480-950kg

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  • Medium Sized Flake Ice Machine

    Daily production: 5000-15000KG/24H
    Ice storage capacity: 1600-2800kg

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  • Large Flake Ice Machine

    Daily production: 20-30T/24H
    Ice storage capacity: 3250-4200kg

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Tube Ice Machine
Block Ice Machine
Marine Seawater
Flake Ice Machine
Edible Cube Ice Machine

Application Fields

Widely used in supermarket, hotel, buffet or hotpot restaurant, aquatic seafood, food factory, slaughterhouse, chemical cooling and other places where ice is needed.
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Adapt to the industry with professional, to conquer customers with quality.
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Create with ingenuity and wisdom, and win customers’ trust and support with quality.

Company Description

Henan Yugong machinery Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer integrating D&R and production of refrigeration and ice making equipment. Main products of the company includes flack ice machine, block ice machine, tube ice machine, salt water block ice machine, seawater ice machine, particle ice machine, etc. With excellent product quality, perfect after-sale service, reasonable market price and good reputation, the company has won the praise of our customers. We also believe Yugong machinery will be your most ideal partner!
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  • Applications
  • Geological Exploration
  • Well Drilling
  • Blasting Holes
  • Mine Exploration
  • After-sales Service
  • Provide installation, commissioning and training services.
    Provide high-quality technical consulting services.
    Professional return visit, regular follow-up.
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